Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The following NebGuide outlines proper storage methods and conditions for fresh fruits and vegetables. Harvest Methods and Post-Harvest Care

The other thousand things regarding your property: Lawn & Garden, MISCELLANEOUS, ORNAMENTALS, TURF, VEGETABLES, WATER MANAGEMENT, Know how. Know now

Vegetable Information

Common Vegetables, some you may not be familiar with. There are answers for them, their culture etc.

If its Aggie Horticulture you wish to read be prepared to spend a while.

Journey to Forever

Sitemap of Journey to Forever website
Up to date, world wide site covering the basics of almost every type of gardening.
You got questions they have answers. From small farms to your back yard & more.
Schools projects too.

Reviving an Old Garden Blog

Some posts listed here are several years old. Others have been added over the last years.

When I had a seed sprout for me from a Victory Garden back in the 40's I've been hooked
I have raised a garden using a shovel, push plow, horse or mule.
Many various tillers, Old wore out tractors small & large.
Nothing compares to the taste of your own home grown.

Although age says I'm an old man, its gardens that kept me active this long.
I almost quit about 15 years ago.
Came across a book called "Joy of Gardening" by Dick Raymond A man like myself that had broken his back. I will link to a source; Used, under 5 dollars or your local library may have it, if interested.

In closing this intro let me say;
There are as many ways of gardening as there are people that do it. Only wrong way is not planting one.
Good luck! Happy gardening.