Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Reviving an Old Garden Blog

Some posts listed here are several years old. Others have been added over the last years.

When I had a seed sprout for me from a Victory Garden back in the 40's I've been hooked
I have raised a garden using a shovel, push plow, horse or mule.
Many various tillers, Old wore out tractors small & large.
Nothing compares to the taste of your own home grown.

Although age says I'm an old man, its gardens that kept me active this long.
I almost quit about 15 years ago.
Came across a book called "Joy of Gardening" by Dick Raymond A man like myself that had broken his back. I will link to a source; Used, under 5 dollars or your local library may have it, if interested.

In closing this intro let me say;
There are as many ways of gardening as there are people that do it. Only wrong way is not planting one.
Good luck! Happy gardening.

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